Learn How to Handle Sticky Situations with Your Boss or Your Team

ConflictCheatSheet_CoverDo you know what myths exist about conflict? What’s true and what’s not true? That’s the first step in understanding how to navigate a sticky situation for sure. To help you move the needle in this space, it’s important to create a win/win scenario by laying the groundwork for mutual understanding.

Download the conflict cheat sheet so you know how to lay the foundation for a win/win during a tough situation.

It’s not enough to focus on yourself. You need to understand what the other person wants and what’s important to them. Once you know that, you can find out what you want together. It’s also ok to create ground rules. Find out how to do that too!

All of this creates common ground and builds goodwill. Without it, you may spin in circles and just get more frustrated. If you’ve ever tried to solve a problem when you're frustrated or negative, you’ve probably seen poor results. Learn how to flip that switch so you build positive energy instead of feeding the frustration.


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